09 November 2021

Security for IoT devices is delivered on the basis of prevention, not detection, says the maker of Armored Client.

SentryBay’s product is a single, one-time software download for customers with remote workers and allows BYoD. It is said to protect endpoints of all types including domestic and industrial IoT devices.

The company says it securely wraps selected applications and data and neutralises the impact of info-stealing malware.

SentryBay says it uses a secure application framework and a layered approach to protect devices at kernel level allowing it to grab data first and transmit it to the application, irrespective of any undetected threats.

For example, to guard against keylogging – a major risk – it says Armored Client will feed false, scrambled data to the malware. To combat another attack, screen-grabbing,
it will send no capture or a blank screen.

Armored Client, it says, continuously monitors for tampering and that features and configurations, centrally managed, can easily be switched on and