Threat landscape has reached 5-year peak

23 July 2024

New research from SoSafe finds that 85% of security professionals in the UK agree that the threat landscape is the most challenging it has been in the past five years, and only 44% think the situation has a chance of improving in the next 12 months.

One in every two security professionals have experienced a successful cyberattack in the last year, with 52% of respondents throughout Europe and 55% in the United Kingdom saying their company had been impacted. 

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Three essential tips to become GDPR-compliant with master data management

22 July 2024

Almost six years since GDPR’s inception, compliance has remained a stumbling block for many companies, especially with AI now being a major consideration. The ramifications for non-compliance are dire – big tech companies like Google, X (formerly Twitter), and Meta (formerly Facebook) recently copped multimillion-dollar fines for violating data protection laws, reports Andy Baillie, VP, UK and Ireland at Semarchy.

However, it’s not just big tech companies that feel the sting. Any business can be fined for non-compliance with data privacy laws. As the volume of sensitive information expands and hefty fines for GDPR violations continue to escalate, ensuring compliance has become a top priority for organisations around the globe. Consequently, IT vendors are adjusting their marketing strategies to claim their solutions can assist organisations in managing compliance challenges.

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World faces ‘biggest internet outage in history’

19 July 2024

TV channels, transport networks and banks around the world have been knocked offline in a massive outage causing Windows computers to suddenly shut down.

Individuals have reported that their Windows computers are suddenly showing the “blue screen of death” and entering recovery mode. The issue mostly seems to be impacting PCs running on Windows 10 software.

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Drone To Home gains cloud calling from Node4

18 July 2024

Node4 has provided Drone To Home, a UK-based animal search charity, with a sponsored Webex Calling solution that also features cloud-based meeting, messaging, and team collaboration capabilities.

Drone To Home is the UK’s first drone-based animal search and rescue charity. Most of its work focuses on finding lost dogs, although it has recently expanded to assist farmers with missing livestock. Today, the charity’s work extends beyond drone-based animal recovery. 

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