Efficient WFH streamlined through data management as the next frontier

01 March 2021

Organisations opt to manage their data for many reasons, but a common goal is to turn data into insights and action. As the primary competitive advantage, data management should deliver an increase in the understanding of the forces shaping markets and businesses. This knowledge will help companies outsmart and out deliver competitors.

From an operational point of view, data management reduces costs and increases operational efficiency and revenue. Effective data management also helps to improve operational efficiency by reducing errors while it ensuring trusted data is available to support business decision making. Data management, as a result, enables employees to report faster, plan better, make informed decisions, and deliver data-rich experiences to customers.

The pandemic

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Schneider Electric

25 January 2021

If there’s one company in this space that needs little or no introduction, it’s Schneider Electric.

The EcoStruxure IT is the company’s next generation data centre management solution featuring remote management from, it reckons, virtually any device – phone, tablet, or home PC – at any time.

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22 January 2021

Vertiv’s Trellis Platform is a popular DCIM solution that provides a real-time, integrated view of IT and facility assets, making it easier to collaborate, plan and control changes in the data center.

One of the key selling points of this, if not the primary one, is the visibility it provides while offering a simple modular, scalable platform for custom configurations.

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Not-for-profit org LINX up with Telehouse

22 January 2021

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is a not-for-profit (NFPO) organisation that was set up in 1994 to create an opportunity for people to exchange traffic without having to buy costly connections.

It is one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, connecting approximately 960 member ASNs from over 80 countries around the globe. It specialises primarily in peering and interconnection, allowing networks to meet and exchange Internet traffic more cost effectively and with increased resilience.

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