Integrated Data Center Management for Dummies

30 March 2021

Now available 

Now available 

IDCM Integrates BMS, ITOps, and DCIM

IDCM is the integration between Building Management Systems (BMS) also referred to as Building Automation Systems (BAS), DCIM solutions, and IT operations.

This single pane of glass allows for the precise coordination between various responsible groups to manage and optimize resources including: servers, chillers, power distribution, and more within the data centre and the application workloads running there.

This book explains the importance of IDCM, describes the key components of the architecture and guides you in a step-by-step formula for a successful IDCM implementation.

Because this is a For Dummies book, you can be sure that it’s easy to read and has touches of humor.

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OPEN BOOK: 7 Proven Tips for a Successful Data Center Migration

01 March 2021

7 Proven Tips for a Successful Data Center Migration is an e-Book by Sunbird with the best tips for a successful migration. Download your free copy here… 


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Westermo launches new industrial networking training services

26 February 2021

The Westermo Academy includes a flexible online learning platform 

The Westermo Academy includes a flexible online learning platform 

Westermo has launched a new global training programme aimed at supporting those responsible for operating and maintaining industrial data communications networks.

Offering flexible online and in-person training, the Westermo Academy will provide certified courses to network engineers wherever they are located around the world, ensuring they have the expertise needed to maximise the performance and reliability of industrial networks.

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Mind the gap

11 February 2021

It’s a new year. The Covid-19 vaccine is being rolled out worldwide, the USA has a new president and you are looking to hire or chnage jobs.

However, like in many industries, supply doesn’t always meet demand in this sector and that has long been blamed on a skills shortage.

The UK has long claimed to be among the – if not the – best and most advanced nation when it comes to tech, IT and data storage. If that’s the case, why are we where we are?

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