network optimisation

Network monitoring in a hybrid world

06 May 2021

In 2021, we face more network vulnerabilities, security attacks and data breaches than ever before in the history of IT and communications. This has increased the demand for stronger network performance and the tools used to manage the network. Given this, it’s imperative businesses find a way to accommodate all of these systems and networks with the right network monitoring and security tools to protect our corporate assets and - of course - the bottom line.

Neil Collier, co-founder and technical director of GCH Test & Computer Services explains how using the internet for all users has changed significantly since March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe.

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emergency services network

ESN health check

08 April 2021

If you consider all the networks or platforms that form the backbone of any nations’ methods of communication, you’d have a thankless task finding one that’s more important that one adopted by the police, fire and ambulance services. Known on these shores as the emergency services network (ESN), it’s what keeps the country on its feet and is something we have all used or will have to use at some point in our lives.

However, like any other network, the ESN needs regular maintenance, a need not to be overused/abused by time-wasters and prank callers, new and better technology and of course, cold hard cash to fund it all. The UK has certainly had its challenges with some, if not all of the above.

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SDN Q&A with Tata's Toh

07 April 2021

Song Toh

Song Toh

Networking+ caught up with Song Toh, vice president, global network services, Tata Communications, to talk software-defined networking

1. What’s the main reason behind the growth of SDN?

While network transformation is an integral part of an enterprise’s digital transformation journey, the recent catalyst for the growth of Software Defined Network (SDN) is the pandemic and maturity of the technology. Businesses were impacted significantly when the countries underwent lockdown for people's safety. Employees started working remotely but most of the enterprises’ network infrastructure was not ready for it.

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