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About us...

For more than 25 years, Kadium has built-up an enviable reputation as the publisher of high quality business magazines aimed at information & communications technology sectors across the world.

Networking+ was launched in 1994 and remains the only magazine still available in the UK for those involved in the business of building, running and maintaining voice and data networks for enterprise users and is supported by www.networkingplus.co.uk

Southern African Wireless Communications was launched in 1997 and was followed by Northern African Wireless Communications two years later. The African Wireless Communications Yearbook is also part of our African portfolio and all three publications are supported by www.africanwirelesscomms.com 

Southern Asian Wireless Communications is now also part of this portfolio with a geographical focus on southern Asia only and supported by www.asianwirelesscomms.com 

All four publications have established themselves as must-read magazines for all those involved in the technologies and business of building, running and maintaining wireless, mobile, satellite and broadcast communications networks within their respective regions.

We’re always delighted to hear from readers as well as industry representatives, so to find out more about any of the publications and what they offer, please feel free to contact any of our team - we look forward to hearing from you.