Emergency treatment at the Nightingale Hospital for patients suffering with Covid-19

11 May 2022

Visbion is a specialist in medical image acquisition, distribution, management and display solutions. During the early planning stages of the UK’s response to tackling emergency treatment for patients suffering with Covid-19, they were approached to help provide solutions to offer screening for patient’s lungs, to help evaluate treatment strategies.

The Nightingale hospital, launched at the Excel in London on April 3rd, 2020, was constructed and operational in just 10 days, therefore there were significant pressures to deliver an operational and proven lung screening solution, within these time frames.

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Bringing virtual and face-to-face consultations together at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

11 May 2022

Nasstar has worked with Intouch with Health (part of VitalHub Corporation) to deliver a new system at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, enabling it to serve more than half a million patients annually with a virtual consultation platform that fully integrates with the two patient administration systems (PAS) used across the Trust.

The former was charged with delivering its customisable OneConsultation platform, providing secure, easy to access virtual consultations from a familiar interface based on Microsoft Teams. This has been combined with the Intouch with Health Flow Manager and Virtual Clinics applications, enabling a simple, single view of all patient appointments. By delivering a comprehensive patient flow management dashboard for all appointments it means those patients that have a virtual consultation can be managed on the same platform as those patients who present physically (face-to-face) at the hospital.

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Creating a simpler user experience for staff, patients and visitors

11 May 2022

As part of the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS Nightingale Hospital Exeter was opened to provide additional capacity to care for those with Covid-19. The 116 bed NHS Nightingale Hospital Exeter was purpose built at speed in just 8 weeks. A crucial part of the build was the requirement for a robust, scalable and reliable network to support IT teams and healthcare staff to deliver better patient outcomes. Secure Wi-Fi network was a top priority to ensure operational efficiency to provide critical equipment and responsive care.

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Inverness Wi-Fi pilot

11 March 2022

Inverness is the largest city in the Scottish Highlands and its city centre now has free public Wi-Fi following a collaboration between The Highland Council, Purple and Rapier Systems. The Highland Council wanted to implement a Wi-Fi solution that would allow them to identify who visits the city and gain a way of effectively communicating with visitors. 

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A tale of north and south of the border

10 March 2022

Barnsley Council completes its SAP-to-Azure migration, while The Highland Council implements a Wi-Fi solution for tourists, visitors and citizens

Absoft completes collaborative SAP-to-Azure Migration with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

When Barnsley Council first opened a bid in order to migrate its SAP landscape to the cloud, the tenders received did not offer an economically viable outcome. However, a non-negotiable deadline (the sale of its current premises and an outdated on-premise functionality) meant that a solution was required sooner rather than later.

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MLL Telecom helps Portsmouth City Council realise power of full fibre

08 March 2022

Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council

The Solent Network Framework contract - partly funded by the Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) programme through the Department For Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) – is pivotal to radically improving Portsmouth City Council’s (PCC) network infrastructure. In what is one of the UK’s most densely populated areas - with census data showing that there are 5,100 people per square kilometre - a fit for purpose network is seen by the Council as key to realising its digital ambitions and supporting its City Vision.

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Automated data centre inventory tracking

22 February 2022

A worldwide ICT-company needed to automate how their servers were tracked and managed. With thousands of high value ICT assets in play, the ability to report without error on real-time asset whereabouts proved essential for both commercial success and compliance. In addition, the company was looking for ways to enhance cable maintenance intervention speed and accuracy.

Solution: custom on-metal UHF RFID and NFC labels

Custom, passive RFID labels on every asset, combined with fixed scanners at all datacenter exits provide accurate, real-time tracking. Print-and-program printers in a central location enable the company to label any new assets immediately with reliable, custom RFID labels to maintain a complete overview at the click of a button.

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Glasgow’s cutting edge

10 February 2022

How Scotland’s most populous city became one of the world’s smartest

Before its digital upgrade Glasgow City Council already had existing contracts in place providing CCTV traffic management camera network services across the city. Both were due to expire and needed to be replaced to ensure these critical services continued to operate efficiently.

A strategic decision was made that both components should be brought together and delivered through a single supplier.

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Can storage ever be installed and forgotten?

19 January 2022

Even the most stable and reliable storage systems still require some degree of maintenance. Many may believe that firmware updates, software updates and replacement of failed storage components can never be avoided. Really? This does not have to be so, here is a storage system example that has been running for four years without any need for maintenance or unexpected downtime.

Back in 2017, Toshiba installed a ZFS storage system supporting storage infrastructure needs of the “Technology Experience Lab” at NTT Global Data Centers. Since then, the storage system has proven its outstanding reliability: except for a scheduled 10 minutes of downtime to install some additional ZFS features, the system runs steadily without component failures in any of the 60 HDDs, SSD, controllers, power supplies, fans, cables or other components.

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Refreshed network - nuclias cloud managed solution for an academy school in west London

27 October 2021

Wood End Academy a junior school at the heart of the Greenford community in the London Borough of Ealing.

It is looking to improve and embrace a digital policy for their students, by migrating towards a cloud manged solution. The school were pursuing a solution to improve their network speed and capacity, that’s also easy to maintain.


To deliver a robust and scalable Wi-Fi network to meet all current and future needs. Providing seamless roaming wireless across the campus and office teams while segmenting the network to ensure that security and data remains safe and secure. Having a scalable solution was paramount, so that adding additional devices to
the network and increasing the demand, didn’t cause disruption to key systems within the school, hampering students’ e-learning.

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