GEM Environmental Building Services opts for cloud

11 July 2024

GEM Environmental Building Services has rolled-out a job management system from BigChange.

The cloud-based, 6-in-1 solution live links engineers in the field with back-office management systems providing real-time updated customer interfaces. Using the system GEM has reduced the admin resource required to manage multi-million-pound contracts by around 50% whilst improving engineer efficiency by 10%.

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New report explores UK blackout threat

04 July 2024

With blackouts across the UK expected to rise, power solutions provider Critical Power Supplies (CPS) has published its latest report, The Essential Guide to Blackouts: How Businesses Can Thrive When the Power Goes Out, featuring an in-depth look at the causes, challenges and solutions associated with power outages.

The government has warned that the country’s transition to renewable energy will increase the risk of widespread blackouts if it is not managed carefully, while the recent heavy 2023/24 storm season highlighted the fragility of the UK’s power supply network. Still, many businesses are unclear about the causes of blackouts, the specific threats they pose to infrastructure and operations, and the solutions within their grasp.

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Support your operations with the right NAS

04 July 2024

Tamblyn Calman, sales & marketing director, QNAP

Choosing the right NAS for an enterprise environment requires careful consideration of several critical factors to ensure it meets the specific needs of the business. These factors include connectivity options, types of drives, and intended usage scenarios.

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Securing the election of a generation

03 July 2024

With the 4th July election almost upon us, threats to democracy lie in wait. From ransomware to AI, which are the most significant dangers to a fair and open election – and how will they be addressed?

A s the UK heads towards the polls on – auspiciously – 4th July, the cyber threat landscape has become front and centre to those who seek to attack and expose weaknesses and those tasked with defending and ensuring the integrity of our democracy.

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