09 November 2021

Networked computers are constantly monitored and managed – and most are protected by a firewall -- yet many IoT devices are simply added and ignored,
says Watchguard. They may have default passwords and no regular patches which can open a backdoor to the network.

WatchGuard says its new Firebox M290, M390, M590 and M690 units deliver increased security, fast performance and accommodate network changes and additional IoT devices.

They have, it says, processing power to handle encrypted and HTTPS traffic from networks plus thousands of IoT devices. Watchguard says a Firebox makes it possible to place IoT devices on segmented networks or VLANs with policies to prevent unauthorised remote access.

Only appropriate IoT applications devices can run. And, says the company, any increased traffic is spotted, indicating if a device has been compromised and used to extract data.

Watchguard Cloud is used to create, deploy and manage IoT security policies, including a 30-day view of log data, fast log search and automated reporting.