Airdale's SmartCool I Drive

11 May 2021

Airedale’s SmartCool I Drive is a highly efficient indoor precision cooling unit that provides critical cooling to IT equipment, making it ideally suited to data centre applications and low, medium and high density computer room cooling applications.

Optimised for high return air temperatures and ideal for hot and cold aisle containment, the range is perfect for the 24/7 operation of sensitive systems in critical application environments.

With a wide outdoor ambient envelope (-20˚C up to +50˚C) and the capability of longer pipe runs, allowing outdoor condensers to be up to 100 metres from internal units, the SmartCool™ I-drive allows for flexible installation without compromising efficiency or performance.

Inverter driven compressors enable precise control of supply air temperature (+18˚C to +26˚C), varying their running speed to adjust to expected or unforeseen load variations, resulting in increased efficiency and a wider operating envelope.

SmartCool I Drive comprises of two optimised capacity selections for traditional and high return air temperatures, suitable for periphery cooling and aisle containment applications respectively.

Available in 4 case sizes, all SmartCool I Drive units are single circuit DX aircooled with either one single inverter driven compressor (X100) or a tandem compressor set (X200).

The incorporation of inverter compressors enables exact control, superior efficiency and performance.

It is a system prepared for every eventuality, responding to unexpected load variations to deliver market leading cooling density. ”