Blancco study highlights the rise in e-waste during global pandemic

18 November 2020

Blancco, a firm that helps organisations safely erase data and keep current data secure, has released its new report, The Rising Tide of E-Waste, which shows the impacts the Covid-19 pandemic has had on electronic scrap.

The study, for which Blancco partnered with Coleman Parkes, also shows that 97% of companies surveyed had to buy laptops during the pandemic.


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Driving application intelligence with visibility

15 November 2020

Bassam Khan, VP product and technical marketing engineering, Gigamon

Bassam Khan, VP product and technical marketing engineering, Gigamon

The technological world is changing, with innovations such as 5G and unforeseen changes such as the shift to a fluid workforce providing new opportunities and challenges. The pressure is on NetOps teams to cope with the significant impact this has on the network and help their businesses emerge stronger into the new tomorrow.

What is NetOps 2.0?

With network teams being increasingly asked to deliver more at an increased pace and with no room for error, infrastructure and operations leaders must transform NetOps. This can be achieved by investing in analytics and automation, while improving integration with DevOps and security to support digital business and evolving network requirements. This is NetOps2.0. Coined by Gartner, this term refers to the need to be faster and more agile. It references the disconnect between the way digital businesses move at the pace of software, whereas networking typically moves at the pace of hardware.

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Partnering well: getting the most from technology experts

10 November 2020

Matt Parker, CEO of Babble unlocks the secrets to successful technology partnerships

Matt Parker, CEO of Babble 

Even before Covid-19, many organisations faced considerable IT challenges. Now, Covid-19 is rapidly pushing companies to operate in new ways and IT is being tested as never before.

As businesses juggle a range of new systems, priorities and challenges, including business continuity risks, sudden changes in volume, real-time decision-making, workforce productivity, security and customer satisfaction, leaders must act quickly to address immediate systems resilience issues and lay a foundation for the future.

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10 November 2020

The user experience in the large retail sector is increasingly connected. The development of scan-as-you- shop applications, loyalty programs, in-store digital signage and drives are leading the big players to invest in digital and develop new services.

Infomil, a subsidiary of the E. Leclerc group, analyses trends and tests the digital services of tomorrow.
To meet its new requirements, the Toulouse-based company needed to create a computer room and install a generating set to secure the installation.
Installing a generator close to offices

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