World faces ‘biggest internet outage in history’

19 July 2024

TV channels, transport networks and banks around the world have been knocked offline in a massive outage causing Windows computers to suddenly shut down.

Individuals have reported that their Windows computers are suddenly showing the “blue screen of death” and entering recovery mode. The issue mostly seems to be impacting PCs running on Windows 10 software.

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South Wales Police upgrades mobile CCTV vans

15 July 2024

South Wales Police has enhanced its surveillance capabilities with the upgrade of its five mobile CCTV vans, equipping them with state-of-the-art Predator Ultra Cameras, provided by Excelerate.

Powered by Excelerate’s Exstream video streaming connectivity technology, which allows multiple CCTV streams to be shared securely via the Milestone video stream sharing platform, this upgrade further enhances situational awareness, most notably at pre-planned and spontaneous events.

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Cellhire supports BBC General Election coverage with IoT

12 July 2024

Cellhire played a major role in the BBC’s coverage of the 2024 UK General Election. The company deployed its ‘Count Cam’ packages powered with Cellhire’s IoT connectivity solution to 369 vote-counting locations across the UK to allow the BBC to live-stream footage as the election results unfolded during the night of July 4-5.

As votes were tallied and results announced, thanks to Cellhire the BBC was able to provide continuous coverage throughout the night, employing a combination of reporters, crews, freelancers and state-of-the-art streaming solutions.

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New report explores UK blackout threat

04 July 2024

With blackouts across the UK expected to rise, power solutions provider Critical Power Supplies (CPS) has published its latest report, The Essential Guide to Blackouts: How Businesses Can Thrive When the Power Goes Out, featuring an in-depth look at the causes, challenges and solutions associated with power outages.

The government has warned that the country’s transition to renewable energy will increase the risk of widespread blackouts if it is not managed carefully, while the recent heavy 2023/24 storm season highlighted the fragility of the UK’s power supply network. Still, many businesses are unclear about the causes of blackouts, the specific threats they pose to infrastructure and operations, and the solutions within their grasp.

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