NAS from TerraMaster

13 May 2022

The TerraMaster F5-221 comes with an Intel Celeron J1800 processor (backed up by 2 to 4GB of RAM). This product is said to perform to a high standard with regards to file transfer and media benchmark tests. Its five trays are cooled by two 82mm fans. The fact users will unlikely need to fill all five at once, means the F5-221 is good for an upgrade at a later date. While TerraMaster’s NAS software isn’t as slick as Asus’s or Synology’s, it’s quite welldesigned, giving you easy access to the usual management tools and features, useful dashboards and an app store with a bewildering range of add-on apps. We did experience a few niggling setup issues, but assuming everything goes smoothly, this is a good NAS for big demands and small wallets. The F5-221 device relies on the following five data security layers: automatic scheduled backup, Btrfs file system and snapshot, RAID 1,5,6 array security, AES hardware folder encryption and network transport encryption, as well as cloud drive data backup.