NAS from Nasuni

13 May 2022

Nasuni delivers a file storage platform that leverages object storage delivering a simpler, lower cost, and more efficient SaaS solution for the enterprise, that scales easily to handle rapid unstructured data growth. Nasuni replaces on-premises file server, network attached storage (NAS), backup, and disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure with a cloud-native SaaS solution that saves money, scales infinitely, and is simple to manage. Better yet, it provides a file storage platform that allows companies to unify multiple sites worth of data. The combination of Nasuni with Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud gives unlimited file server capacity on-demand, built-in backup, DR, and file sharing across any number of users and locations. “Whether Nasuni is deployed completely in the cloud, as a hybrid-cloud solution, or in a private cloud, an organisation’s data is always protected and accessible with fast local performance,” the company says.