Future products

18 October 2021

The Future Plus Pre-term cabling System offers what the company reckons is one of the quickest and most reliable factory pre-terminated solutions. Each link is pre-terminated, pre-tested & pre-labelled before it leaves Future’s facility in Oxfordshire. Available in Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a as well as LC, ST & SC fibre terminations.

Cat 6a - A solution for providing a 10 Gig installation, which makes the system “perfectly suited for communication rooms and data centre applications. “Future proofing today’s cabling infrastructure is paramount and achievable using our Pre-term solution,” the company says.

Cat 5e & Cat 6 – said to be ideal for all office, university or call centre applications, the four or six-way links provide a fully tested Gigabit solution to any workstation environment. Whether laying cables to under floor boxes, wall outlets, and desktop pods or through false ceilings, “the system offers the best and fastest pre -terminated solutions on the market”.

Fibre - installing a fibre backbone will future proof any new cabling infrastructure. The Pre-term Fibre Solution will allow the Installer to provide a 10Gig optical fibre link throughout the site with the choice of LC, ST or SC connectors. futurend.co.uk