18 October 2021

The Excel solution provides cable to rack systems to suit data centre, hosting and co-location requirements of all types and sizes. A typical data centre installation has extensive requirements for seamless high-density design, high speed connectivity and infrastructure security. Excel offers a vast range of products, which, it says, “have been designed specifically with data centre spaces in mind”, with choices across the copper, fibre, racks, power and containment product lines.

Excel reckons its comprehensive range of cable management solutions offer a variety of methods to route your cabling installations in the most appropriate directions and to manage the cables as and when required to maximise performance.

Excel also says it offers a host of products specifically to help with the installation and management of cabling components. The diverse range of cable management solutions are said to be compatible with the complete suite of Environ racks, cabinets and open frames, providing flexible options for both large and small data centre applications.

The selection of cable management solutions comprises of metal and plastic management bars and rings, vertical finger management units and trunk cable management solutions, among other products.

These solutions allow for the concise management of cables into the sides or the back of a rack, giving the same features and benefits of an open frame within an enclosed rack profile. excel-networking.com