18 October 2021

CommScope’s premier copper and fibre structured cabling solution, SYSTIMAX, “provides the combination of power and high-bandwidth data connectivity and the flexibility to support advanced capabilities as you move to the ceiling”. Born of innovation and backed by the strength and vision of a global leader, CommScope, SYSTIMAX’s copper and fibre portfolio delivers, as it has for over 30 years.

Benefits of SYSTIMAX apparently include the bandwidth and power needed to make technologies like 5G, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6E possible. The company also reckons the product supports all PoE standards and goes beyond overcoming application limitations in specific design configurations.

“To keep you ahead, we also offer our Application Assurance, a guarantee that specifications and performance will adapt and support your migration to higher-speed applications,” CommScope says.

SYSTIMAX is also made to work with imVision: a unified approach to infrastructure management for unprecedented visibility and control over network connectivity. This software, combined with network controllers and accessories, allows you to locate and identify your equipment and ports as well as track any network changes.