Arcserve attacks Ransomware with Immutable Backup & Archival Storage

31 August 2021

Data continues to grow rapidly. Protecting against data loss such as accidental data deletion, hardware/software failures or ransomware attacks – is critical for business continuity. Backups help organizations recover data from such events. However, with backup and recovery windows shrinking and data capacities growing, disk-to-disk backup and recovery solutions are becoming essential to keep up with demanding recovery point objectives (RPO). Arcserve offers a scale-out, immutable storage appliance that can be leveraged as a disk-based backup target for your “last-resort” and ever-growing backup data.

IT organizations continue to struggle with the daunting task of backing up growing quantities of data within diminishing backup windows. Unfortunately, IT administrators are responding to emergency data restore requests, and trying to maintain the backup infrastructure to keep up with the demands. Organizations are looking into disk-based immutable backup storage solutions. However, current solutions are often based on a scale-up architecture with limited scalability and performance. Once the scalability limits are reached, the only available options are to either add another standalone array with separate management or undergo an arduous task of a forklift upgrade and replace the existing array. The consequences are many islands of backup data that are complex to manage and result in significant increases in the cost of ownership. Typically, these storage solutions are not immutable making them vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Arcserve for Backup Targets
Arcserve offers an efficient, immutable storage infrastructure for backup and archival: OneXafe. By leveraging OneXafe as the backup target for organizations, it can eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks associated with backup infrastructure environments.

OneXafe & OneSystem
Arcserve delivers OneXafe, a powerful, yet simple, immutable scale-out storage NAS appliance, coupled with OneSystem, a cloud-based management service. OneXafe is a purpose-built appliance with all enterprise-grade features built-in, such as immutable snapshots, inline deduplication, encryption at rest, and disaster recovery with WAN optimized replication. It is largely automated with no need for expertise to setup and operate. The unique scale-out appliance consolidates backup, unstructured and archival data in a single, simple to use storage infrastructure.

When data gets lost, corrupted, or damaged, the time required to restore and resume normal business operations is extremely critical. Look no further than OneXafe for on-premises scale-out immutable storage to meet growing data footprints and protection against ransomware.