Armour Communications: SigNet

12 November 2020

Developed for mobile phones and PCs, SigNet promises AES 256-bit encryption for voice, video, messaging, group chat, file attachments and Message Burn (self-destructing messages).

Armour Communications says it has the ease of use of consumer apps and is available for iOS and Android as well as Windows 10, Linux and Mac OSX.

The company says SigNet addresses some specific security requirements and as such will be sold alongside Armour Mobile.

Features include: peer to peer encryption; files and attachments are kept within the app and therefore always remain encrypted, even when stored on the device;  no recording or auditability; automatic alert to the sender of a message if a screenshot has been taken by the recipient; centralised control of only authorised users can connect to the service; and management of connectivity between users and groups.

SigNet is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premises installation. Integration with PBXs and standard office desk phones is available.