T-Mobile suffers another data hack

05 January 2021

Mobile giant T-Mobile said it was again subjected to a 'malicious, unauthorised’ hack that exposed customer call information.

The latest attack was first reported on December 29 and affected around 200,000 customers.

Leaked data “may have” included customer phone numbers and other call-related information the operator “collected as part of the normal operation of your wireless service”, said T-Mobile.

No financial data or sensitive personal information such as Social Security numbers was accessed.

 This latest incident follows a data breach back in March 2020, when customer financial information was exposed due to a third-party hack.

T-Mobile confirmed that its email vendor had suffered a hack, enabling attackers to gain access to employee’s email accounts.

The incident resulted in the exposure of customer Social Security numbers, financial information, government ID numbers, billing information and rate plans.