An edge solution for visual inspection and observation

12 November 2020

Two tech specialists have forged a partnership to offer an edge solution for automating visual inspection and observation.

The new end-to-end offering will merge the edge computing technology of Advantech with the BrainMatter platform for intelligent automation based on AI, which allows the former to execute automated tasks on-the-edge of innovative IoT devices ideal for industrial environments.

BrainCreators is a Netherlands-based firm that specialises in turning artificial intelligence (AI) technology into accessible software. Advantech is a computer manufacturing player also in the industrial IoT space, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

Furthermore, the companies said this collaboration allows organisations to significantly increase their margins, improve customer experience and optimise operational efficiency. The technology can be employed in a range of instances such as for the automatic inspection of products and objects, the anonymisation of video images for pattern recognition and the observation of materials, terrains and buildings.

This collaboration allows edge solution ready packages to be used in the cloud, on-premise and on the edge. The packages can be created by the BrainMatter platform to the platform based on examples. Through this transfer of knowledge, the platform can learn skills and perform reality checks against a provided standard or objective.

“Our partnership with BrainCreators represents an important strategic partnership for Advantech,” said Jash Bansidhar, managing director of Advantech Europe. “The partnership allows us to better roll out our AI solutions in the Netherlands and beyond. As Edge AI becomes increasingly important, it is vital that we work with partners who are able to combine domain knowledge with a practical mindset to deliver successful projects. We are convinced that BrainCreators can help customers get the best out of Advantech’s NVIDIA technologies.”

Glenn Brouwer, co-founder and CRO of BrainCreators, added: “As a company, we are continuously improving BrainMatter. Advantech has an enormous amount of knowledge and technology in the field of edge computing. By combining their edge technology and knowledge with BrainMatter, we have developed together an end-to-end solution that enables visual inspection and observation in almost real-time.” n