Cellhire supports BBC General Election coverage with IoT

12 July 2024

Cellhire played a major role in the BBC’s coverage of the 2024 UK General Election. The company deployed its ‘Count Cam’ packages powered with Cellhire’s IoT connectivity solution to 369 vote-counting locations across the UK to allow the BBC to live-stream footage as the election results unfolded during the night of July 4-5.

As votes were tallied and results announced, thanks to Cellhire the BBC was able to provide continuous coverage throughout the night, employing a combination of reporters, crews, freelancers and state-of-the-art streaming solutions.

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BT Group implements ‘cell sleep’ across EE mobile sites

02 July 2024

BT Group has implemented energy-saving ‘cell sleep’ technology across its EE mobile sites nationwide, following successful trials in each of the UK’s home nations.

‘Cell sleep’ software works by putting certain 4G LTE capacity carriers to sleep when the capacity is not needed, based on predicted periods of low traffic which have been established for each site through machine learning.

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Three goes green with Ericsson’s AI

01 July 2024

Three UK has hit a new milestone in its network sustainability journey with the deployment of next-generation AI-powered hardware and software solutions from Ericsson.

As part of an ongoing network modernisation initiative over the last 18 months, Three UK has worked with Ericsson on improving network energy performance thanks to a combination of industry leading energy efficient radios and the use of AI and data analytics.

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North to make Port of Aberdeen smarter with £1 million contract

01 July 2024

North has been awarded contracts to the value of £1 million by Port of Aberdeen to improve the safety, connectivity and sustainability of Scotland’s largest berthing port.

The contract includes the upgrade and expansion of the port’s CCTV and security systems and the deployment of a private 5G, public WiFi and IoT networks to support a range of solutions to improve operations and customer experience.

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